April 1 2020 11:01 AM

He brings an engineering mindset to solving dairy production problems

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Guillermo Enrique Velasco Peña

Zinpro Corporation, the industry leader in performance trace mineral nutrition for livestock, poultry, aquaculture and companion animals, today announced that Guillermo Enrique Velasco Peña has joined the company as dairy account manager – Mexico. Since starting in January, he has been working with feed and premix companies, nutritionists and dairy farms throughout Mexico to provide them with business and nutritional solutions to common dairy production challenges, such as disease, transition-period and heat-stress management and special recommendations for dairy calves and heifers.

Velasco Peña brings considerable experience in dairy feed and nutrition, production and health to the position. His addition to the ruminant sales team in Mexico will boost the company’s capabilities and allow it to better reach and support customers raising young dairy cattle in the region. Additionally, his considerable dairy experience will allow him to demonstrate the science behind Zinpro products and their benefits to animal performance and wellness.

“Guillermo Enrique has both the practical experience working with dairy farms, and the scientific knowledge about the essential nutrition necessary to more profitably raise healthy calves and heifers,” says Guillermo Vela, regional business enterprise leader – Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean for Zinpro Corporation. “He has an engineering mindset that is focused on problem solving, and Guillermo Enrique is especially knowledgeable about feed and colostrum management recommendations that allow producers to optimize success on a dairy farm.”

Most recently Velasco Peña was employed by a company ranked among the top-100 North American dairies, providing dairy cattle products to customers that maximize health and milk production. He also brings previous experience to the position as a dairy technical manager for Mexico and Central America and key account manager. Velasco Peña earned a degree in chemical engineering from the Technological Institute of La Laguna University in Torreón, Coahuila, Mexico.

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