Accelerated Genetics Adds Normande And Montbeliarde Sires To Its Lineup

Accelerated Genetics is pleased to announce a joint venture with Normande Genetics, of Minneapolis, Minn., marketing a lineup of Montbeliarde and Normande sires imported from France. Montbeliarde and Normande are both major dairy breeds in Europe,tknown for their fertility, longevity and high components. The Montbeliarde are red and white, with solid white faces and a large stature similar to the Holstein. Normande cows are a tri-color breed, with red and white markings and occasional brown hair, often creating a brindle color pattern. Furthermore, Normande cattle have exceptionally high components very well suited for high quality cheeses. Gary Fassett, Accelerated Genetics Vice President of Sales and Communications, sees this as another way to offer a new product line to our customers. "We brought in these genetics for two reasons, grazing herds and those that implement crossbreeding. And there is a growing niche market for this kind of herd," Fassett said. Crossbreeding systems with Montbeliarde and Normande genetics on Holstein or Jersey cows has been said to improve fertility, longevity, body condition and components in their offspring. Jerome Chateau, President of Normande Genetics, is the distributor for these breeds in the United States. He along with the sales staff at Accelerated Genetics chose two bulls of each breed for the first offering: 180NM00012 Royal Holl and 020NM00012 Redondo for the Normande, and 217MO00014 Onze JF and 217MO00020 Vibrato JB for the Montbeliard. "We're really happy with our four bull selectionss, they all have great calving ease and sound type. Additionally, Redondo has been the most exported Normande bull for many years," Chateau said. These cows are well suited for grazing conditions. Chateau went onto say, "They are better adapted to lower input systems, because of their strengths in longevity and body condition. They also boost fertility, which is important for seasonal breeding herds." For more information about Accelerated Genetics sires and services call 1-800-451-9275 or visit their website at Accelerated Genetics is a global provider of bovine genetics and research, reproductive services and solution-based animal health products. With the belief that "Innovation Breeds Excellence®", Accelerated Genetics' vision is to be the forerunner in developing innovative technologies and exceptional services that will aid customers in achieving their ultimate herd goals. 07.01.2011