April 3 2020 09:34 AM

mySYNCH by Parnell launches a new tool to improve the performance of dairy herds.

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5 Key Domains

Improving a dairy's reproductive performance has numerous financial benefits. It is a struggle to recognize and prioritize what needs to happen to increase farm performance.

Helping veterinarians and producers identify and develop a strategy to improve herd reproduction and profitability led Parnell to launch the Fertility 360 Report in its digital application, mySYNCH.

The Fertility 360 Report combines a dairy's data in a 360° on-farm evaluation of cows, nutrition, facilities, management and personnel. Then it compares the dairy's current performance to the industry's scientifically backed guidelines, collected by independent researchers, professors, veterinarians and nutritionists.

Farm Walk-through

Through the evaluation, the Fertility 360 Report identifies areas most affecting a dairy's reproduction. Veterinarians and producers are then provided with a template to develop comprehensive and actionable management plans to capitalize on these opportunities for improvement. When a management plan is published in mySYNCH, the local Parnell representatives help the dairy implement tasks and hit crucial deadlines through remote metric monitoring in mySYNCH.

It is accessible through any computer or mobile device and requires minimal internet connection to complete. So, even the most remote farms can have the opportunity to use the tool and increase their reproductive performance.

"Our goal with the Fertility 360 Report is to provide the best fertility assessment tool for veterinarians and dairy producers whose goal is to improve reproduction and increase profitability," explains Nick Iles, Parnell's Senior V.P. of Production Animal Sales and Marketing. "It is a data-driven auditing and decision support tool to help identify anomalies in operations by flagging high or low results surrounding five key domains on a dairy. The Fertility 360 Report provides a standardized, repeatable framework, so a dairy can always build upon their performance."

Test groups across the country are currently using the Fertility 360 Report on-farm. The highest adoption amongst dairies has stemmed from high-performing herds, who recognize on-going data monitoring and progressive actions are the route to success. Veterinarians have embraced this tool as a way for them to provide customized solutions for their clients, beyond the weekly preg-check.

To find out how you can access the Fertility 360 Report, visit www.CrankUpYourRepro.com.

About Parnell Production Animal: Over the past 50 years, Parnell has been providing producers and veterinarians with consistent and quality pharmaceuticals. The Production Animal division of Parnell specializes in the fertility management of dairy and beef cattle and strives to be the cattle industry’s premier partner in herd fertility and reproduction. Parnell’s manufacturing facility is in Sydney, Australia and the North American headquarters are in Overland Park, Kansas. BlueCowRedCow.com.