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Agri-Brisket Board

Agri-Plastics, Group of Companies, announced today the introduction of the new Brisket Board. The board is now 4 ft. long, which allows 240 boards to stack neatly on a pallet. This makes it much easier to load and unload.

Brisket boards are used to help protect dairy cow’s dewclaws and positions them in a stall so their laying surface remains cleaner. By having a cleaner surface, it ensures a proper laying position and improves the cow’s udder health.

“Our original Brisket Board was 8 ft. long. It was made from a tough-yet-flexible poly material and had adjoining ends to reinforce the boards and make installation quicker”, states Darren VanBuuren, owner and CEO of Agri-Plastics. He continues, “However, the long length prevented us from being able to ship the boards efficiently. So we kept the same great features of our previous board and just made it shorter. Not only does it improve our shipping, but it’s also much easier for our customers when the product arrives.”

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