Accelerated Genetics announces the release of 24 new bulls for the Progressive Action Through Cooperative Efforts (PACE) program. These young sires from the Jersey and Holstein breeds are the top new genetics avalible to improve herds. The semen from these bulls will be randomly allocated to dairy producers participating in Accelerated Genetics' PACE program.

Jersey Sires:

014JE00561 O.F. Headline Rascal comes from one of the breed's best cow families. This Headline son has a high GJPI ranking of +171 and is high milk at +1321 PTAM. Headline is the breed leading JPI of +159 sire. Rascal's dam is a VG-86% Impuls daughter with 20600M, 4.8%F, 987F, 3.9%P and 802P. Both the 2nd and 3rd dams have Very Good scores of 86% and 88% respectively. Furthermore, 014HO00561 Rascal's 4th dam is the EX-90% Beretta daughter that was the dam of 014HO00365 Rebel. 014HO00561 Rascal is from Owens Farms, Inc. of Frederic, Wis. 014JE00563 Windhavens Legal Hype-ET enters the PACE program with excellent udders and high production life. He is a Legal son that is backed by generations of excellent. His Dam is an EX-91% Pointer daughter living eleven years with a great record of 20,480 milk, 935 pounds of fat, 718 pounds of protein. His outstanding record exemplifies the longevity of this bull with his maternal grandsire at +6.0 in Productive Life. 014JE00563 was bred by Wayne Greene, of Cadott, Wis. 14JE00566 Dutch Hollow Dalton-P-ET blends polled genetics with longevity. 014JE00566 is an early son of Eclips-P the high-ranking action son. 14JE00566 is the son of a VG-88% dam coming from the line of Klassic daughter. This line of daughters has a record for high production, with a record well over 100,00 pounds of milk in their lifetime along with excellent record of fat. 014JE00566 is bred by New England Jerseys Sires, of Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

Holstein Sires:

014HO06534 Webb-Vue Jeeves & Wooster-ET is a Jeeves son with high type, components and health traits. Jeeves is the high TPI Outside son with great PL and DPR. His dam is a Very Good-86 Goldwyn daughter, and the maternal grand dam is a VG-88-GMD BW Marshall daughter with lifetime totals of over 178,000 lbs. of milk. 014HO06534 Wooster is a great choice for use on heifers as he is rated 7% SCE and 60% R. He was bred by Robert Webb, Plymouth, Wis. 014HO06549 Red-Oak-DB Planet Jonny-ET brings high components and excellent health trait genetic giant to the PACE program. Planet, his sire, is the highest GTPI second crop sire in the world. His dam is a premier Oman daughter, who is classified as VG-88 being Very Good in all breakdowns and is fresh on the fifth lactation at 6 ½ years of age. The next dam has completed five elite production records, and is a VG-88 with a Very Good Mammary System. Additionally, Jonny has genomic net merit of +706, and has the look and feel for siring long lasting, trouble free and reproductively superior animals. 014HO06549 JONNY is from Danny Bernard of Orlinda, Tenn. A nice addition to the PACE program, 014HO06564 Welcome Swayze-ET has great health traits, as well as excellent components, type and calving ease. His sire, Cassino is a high-ranking genomic bull who rates well for type and longevity. With genomic transmitting abilities of +4.0PL, 2.64SCS, +1.4DPR, +.02%F, +.04%P and +2.22PTAT, Swayze is bred to help your herd's bottom line. Furthermore, 014HO06564 Swayze is rated at 6%SCE, making him a good choice for use on heifers. 014HO06564 Swayze was bred by Welcome Home Stock Farm in Schuylerville, N.Y. 014HO06571 2nd Look Millennium-ET is a son of Million, the high TPI Outside son with high butterfat and type. His dam is an EX-90-DOM Goldwyn daughter with a first lactation over 30,000M, and is currently working on a much higher 2nd lactation record. The maternal grand dam is a Very Good-86 Addison daughter, who is also the dam of former PACE graduate 014HO05177 Phantom, who would still qualify for the Top 100 TPI sires today if still alive. 014HO06571 Millennium was bred by Second Look Holsteins, LLC in Eden, Wis. 14HO06578 Ned-El Man-O-Man Zenons-ET enters the PACE program with outstanding health traits and great udders. This son of Man-O-Man has consistently been among the breed leaders for total performance. His dam a Shottle daughter is scored very good-87 with 27,000 pounds of milk. With the genomic transmitting abilities of +55P, +2.33 UDC, +4.8 PL, +1.0 DPR and +2195 GTPI, he is the sire to boost you herds performance. 014HO006578 is bred by the Hanehan Family Dairy, of Stillwater, N.Y. 014HO06613 Kellercrest Man-O-Lantrn-ET is a Man-O-Man son with extremely high components, much like his sire, Man-O-Man. Man-O-Man is the highest protein sire amongst the Top 100 TPI sires. His dam is a Very Good-87 Shottle daughter with a first lactation of over 39,000M, and is currently working on a 2nd lactation well over 40,000M. Additionally, the 3rd and 4th dams are both scored EX-90, with the 4th dam milking 215,518M over seven lactations.For a high ranking Man-O-Man son with tremendous potential, look to 014HO06613 Lantrn, from Kellercrest Reg. Holsteins, Inc. of Mt. Horeb, Wis. "Just cut to the chase" with 014HO06614 Har-Dale-Acres Man Chase-ET. This genomic tested Man-O-Man son is over +600 Net Merit. The dam is a Very Good-85 Shottle daughter with an excellent mammary system. Furthermore, the grand dam is an EX-94-2E-DOM Durham daughter with over 150,000 lbs. milk in her lifetime. 014HO06614 Chase is a very low SCS of 2.62 and high component option for your sire lineup. Matt Harder of Athens, Wis. is the breeder of 014HO06614 Chase. 014HO06623 Ath-Mor Champ Nobel-ET is an interesting bull for the PACE program as he is calving ease, high production and great health traits bull with a pedigree free from Goldwyn or Shottle. He is the son of PACE graduate 014HO04766 Champ, the Champion son who rates well for productivity and longevity. The dam of Nobel is a VG-85 Buckeye daughter with her first two records both over 40,000. His next dam is a VG-88 O-Man daughter with a top record of 44,000M and over 100,000 lifetime, who is still going strong. 014HO06623 Nobel offers the rare combination of high production and trouble free genetics, and with a 6%SCE is a logical choice for heifers. He was bred by Ath-Mor Farm of Lee, N.H. From a deep maternal line, 014HO00624 Hunsberger Champ Marcus-ET also offers high components and elite health traits. This combination of PACE graduate 014HO04766 Champ and an EX-90 Shottle daughter with an Excellent Mammary System really hits the spot. Additionally the grand dam, 3rd and 4th dams are all Dam of Merit winners with Excellent scores of 90 or above. 014HO00624 Marcus was bred by Hunsberger Holsteins, LLC of Shreve, Ohio. With a pedigree that is Shottle, Goldwyn, Oman and Planet free, 014HO06626 All-Riehl Gabor Prop-ET, is a genetic gem. He is sired by Gabor, the high milk and type Finely son. His dam is a VG-88 Canyon-Breeze Allegro daughter with an Excellent Mammary System and two superior lactations under her belt. His grand dam is a VG-86 Timlynn Throne daughter and a sister to former PACE graduate 014HO04876 Paxton. Blending production, type and health traits, as well as being an outcross from a proven cow family, 014HO006626 Prop has a lot to offer. 014HO00626 Prop is from Kenneth and Vivian Riehl of Penn Yan, N.Y. 07.07.2011