2011 Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council Annual Meeting Offers Something for all Industry Stakeholders

The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) invites producers, veterinarians, nutritionists, academia and industry professionals to the 2011 annual DCRC meeting on November 10 – 11 at the Hilton Kansas City Airport in Kansas City, Mo. This year's meeting will offer something for all attendees, including new research, application of current reproductive programs and a look at emerging technologies. "Advancements in dairy cattle reproduction are continuously evolving, and the DCRC is proud to lead the charge of disseminating new information and helping dairy producers and veterinarians make effective on-farm reproductive decisions," says 2011 DCRC President Dr. Matt Lucy. "This year's meeting will examine a variety of core areas related to reproduction and allow all attendees to take home useable and relevant information." The industry's best and brightest researchers, reproductive experts, veterinarians, nutritionists and producers have been invited to present applicable information throughout the two-day program. In the program's breakout session format, attendees will have the option to learn more about nutrition, artificial insemination and synchronization, reproductive management and heifer reproduction. New this year, a unique session will be offered highlighting the industry's newest technological advancements and their benefit to dairy cattle reproduction. Select Sires, AfiMilk and SCR will showcase their activity monitoring systems and how they benefit the dairy. This interactive session will also incorporate discussion with producers who currently use these technologies on their operations and the advantages provided by them. Further information, including a full meeting agenda and registration information, can be found on the DCRC website at www.dcrcouncil.org. As the meeting approaches look for additional updates on the website, as well as on the DCRC Facebook and Twitter pages. Sub-optimal reproductive performance in the nation's dairy industry has prompted leading industry stakeholders to be proactive in tackling this issue head-on. Academicians who focus on reproduction and allied industries that support the dairy industry joined forces to create the Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council to raise the level of knowledge on issues critical to enhanced reproductive performance. The DCRC has established a stakeholder network and education platform to raise awareness of management techniques that can enhance reproduction on dairy operations. This effort targets dairy producers and the consultants who influence reproductive management. 07.08.2011