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Amy Schilderink - Nazareth, Texas

Dairy MAX awards $10,000 in scholarships to four students with dairy roots. Dairy farmers not only produce a nutritious food source for the world, but play a vital role in helping their local communities thrive. The Dairy MAX scholarship program is a way of supporting dairy farm families while investing in the future of dairy.

“Our dairy farm families play an important role in the success of their communities,” said Marty McKinzie, Dairy MAX’s vice president of industry image and relations. “We are honored to recognize these outstanding students for their achievements within the dairy industry and their communities through the scholarship program.”

Austin Reedy - Agra, Oklahoma

The scholarship recipients for 2020 are Amy Schilderink of Nazareth, Texas, Austin Reedy of Agra, Oklahoma, Nicole Koke of Dublin, Texas, and Reese Burnett of Carpenter, Wyoming. Each received a $2,500 scholarship to go towards their college education. Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of scholastic achievement, leadership and involvement in agriculture.

“With the scholarship program, not only are we recognizing outstanding students, but we are empowering the next generation of the dairy farmers and advocates through supporting their higher education,” said McKinzie.

Nicole Koke - Dublin, Texas

To be eligible for the Dairy MAX scholarship, students must reside in the Dairy MAX region, be a graduating high school senior or undergraduate student currently enrolled in college and be a child of a dairy farmer, child of a dairy farm employee or an FFA/4-H dairy show participant.

“It is a privilege to work for dairy farm families,” said McKinzie. “We are pleased to support these students with dairy roots as they start this next chapter. They all have big plans to ensure a bright future for the dairy industry.”

Reese Burnett -
Carpenter, Wyoming
Investing in the recipients’ education propels dairy forward to continue feeding the world while nourishing communities. The 2021 Dairy MAX Scholarship application will open in January 2021. To see a full list of eligibility requirements and information about applying, visit

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