Great Brook Farm State Park showcases Massachusetts' first DeLaval VMS®

Carlisle, Mass., 07/08/2011 - Great Brook Farm State Park welcomes the New England dairy community to observe the most innovative dairy technology in Massachusetts, up close and personal. Mark and Tamma Duffy will be hosting the Massachusetts Association of Dairy Farmers Summer Picnic on July 22, 2011, from 11:00 am – 3:00pm and offering tours of their new DeLaval VMS (voluntary milking system) facility. This event requires pre-registration, which can be obtained by calling 413-369-4656. "The VMS allows us to have a larger focus on the management of our cows and the robot takes care of the routine stuff. It's a totally different way of milking, and we are really enjoying it!" states Mark Duffy of Great Brook Farm. The VMS helps farm managers run more sustainable, professional and productive dairy operations. DeLaval's VMS 2011 offers smarter technologies, added system integration possibilities and further upgradability options. "The Duffy's operate the dairy as their own independent business, as lessees on the state owned property. They serve as wonderful ambassadors for agriculture to their suburban and urban neighbors, touring thousands throughout the seasons. Mark's dairy business savvy played a major role in helping the Commonwealth justify their investment in this new state of the art facility. Everyone involved with Great Brook Farm can see the value in keeping the Duffy's in the dairy business for the long term." adds Rick McClenning, DeLaval Direct, Argyle, NY. The DeLaval VMS allows round-the-clock milking designed to optimize quality milk yield. Mark Futcher, DeLaval Inc.'s Automatic Milking Marketing Manager, explains, "At DeLaval, we believe that for dairy producers such as the Duffy's, our VMS is all about doing more with less - more productive use of time, feed, and energy while allowing the cows within the herd to express their natural behavior and freedom to choose. VMS is a key solution of what we at DeLaval refer to as Smart Farming." DeLaval has over 125 years of innovation and experience in the dairy business, supporting dairy farmers in managing their farms their way. Our Sustainable Dairy Farming initiative is contributing to the production of more quality food, for more people, with less impact on the environment. Our Smart Farming strategy aims at influencing and shaping the future of dairy farming today. The goal is to accelerate the transition from milking management to global farm profitability management by harnessing emerging decision tools and automation technologies for better quality milk and profits.