Oxbo introduces the world's first self-propelled merger

Oxbo has redefined the practice of merging crops by introducing a self-propelled designed machine for the forage industry. With its front mounted pickup heads, the new Oxbo 4334 merger delivers improved forage quality by never running over the crop. The innovative design brings a higher level of maneuverability and productivity to the field.

For over a decade, Oxbo International Corporation has led the industry with merger development. From the original Oxbo manufactured Miller Pro Avalanche single and twin mergers to the dramatic productivity levels achieved by the continuous pickup triple head models, Oxbo has set the standard for forage merger technology. This track record of innovation and customer-focused productivity continues with development of the revolutionary Oxbo 4334 self-propelled merger.

"We brought the first self-propelled forage merger to the market because the industry is demanding higher quality forage and more productivity, along with improved operator control and comfort," commented Doug Ahrens, Oxbo Forage Product Manager. "The 4334 delivers the unique option of achieving the benefits of hay-in-a-day harvesting without ever driving over cut crop."

Greater merging control
With full view of the merger's 34 ft. continuous pickup, the operator has more control for building better windrows for the harvester. Front mounted heads significantly improve maneuverability, especially at headlands and field corners. A popular new feature allows the operator to stop the conveyor while continuing to run the pickup heads.

Higher merging capacity
Front mounted heads lead to higher efficiencies, especially in smaller fields, or those with odd shapes. Farm and custom operators who have tested the machine for Oxbo say they experienced greater productivity due to the 4334's maneuverability and visibility.

Improved forage quality
For the first time, hay producers and harvesters can merge their forage without running over it with the tractor. This eliminates tire track crop damage, and makes it easier for pickup fingers to get the entire crop.

Operator comfort and control
With the Oxbo 4334 merger, operators no longer need to twist and turn to monitor crop flow making the fast-paced, long days in the field much more comfortable. Fingertip controls provide on-the-go adjustment with the ability to raise, lower, fold and unfold heads with a well-positioned joystick and easy-to-use controls.

Convenient road transport
Oxbo's new merger sports a 30 mph road speed, providing rapid movement between locations. Pickup heads fold to a narrow, 10 foot transport width in less than 20 seconds.

Oxbo's innovative header system
The same patented continuous pickup and crop flow that established Oxbo tow behind mergers as the #1 choice in the market has been incorporated into the model 4334. Gentle crop handling, fewer rocks in the windrows, an innovative header float system, and flexibility over uneven terrain and terraces all contribute to improved productivity and crop quality.

New models on display
The new Oxbo 4334 self-propelled merger can be seen at the WI Farm Technology Days and at the Empire Farm Days. Visitors will find models in the Oxbo exhibit, as well as in the field demonstrations.

Oxbo has field tested the self-propelled merger and is releasing a limited number of 2012 production units. More information on the 4334 can be found on the Oxbo website at www.oxbocorp.com or through the Oxbo dealer network.

Oxbo International Corporation is the world leader in specialty harvesters. The company provides innovative and dependable solutions for the application, berry, citrus, coffee, field corn, forage, fresh market vegetable, jatropha, olives, processed vegetable, seed, and vineyard markets.

Oxbo 4334 self-propelled merger operator comments

Jason Brandt
Custom Harvester, Mt. Joy, PA

"Maneuverability of the Oxbo 4334 self-propelled merger was great. I was able to sweep in and out of corners with no backing up. That really improved our efficiency".

"I liked the visibility to see what's going on right there at the head. That's tremendous. This machine is a real joy to operate. You can notice a big difference not having to turn your head around all day".

"One new feature that's really nice is the ability to shut the conveyors off leaving the pickup engaged. This eliminates the trails at the end of the field making it much easier for the chopper operator".

"With the 34 ft. head, great maneuverability and fast road speed we were able to get a lot of acres done each day".

"Being American made gives me better parts availability. In my opinion, Oxbo really cares about its customers and dealers, to a higher degree than other companies I have done business with."

Oxbo 4334 self-propelled merger operator comments

Robert Henning, Merger Operator
Mason Dixon Farms, Gettysburg, PA

"With the front mounted pickup heads, I like seeing where I'm going, not where I've been. It makes for a much more comfortable day in the field. Also, we get more of the hay by not running over it with the tractor before merging".

"One of the great new features is the foot pedal stop of the conveyor with the pickup running so we can pick up stragglers and leave a nice clean field".

"The productivity is awesome. We had two Oxbo mergers in our fields one day and covered close to 700 acres".

"We like the flexibility of the pickup header design for dealing with our terraces and waterways".