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The committee charged with recommending dietary guidelines for Americans needs to consider the full range of studies on different types of fats and their role in a healthy diet when crafting its final report, noting that scientific understanding has evolved, the National Milk Producers Federation said in letters to Dr. Barbara Schneeman, the chairwoman of the committee, as well as the secretaries of Agriculture and of Health and Human Services.

“We would like to reiterate our strong view, as explained more fully in previous comments to the DGAC, that a body of science in recent years has found that dairy foods, regardless of fat level, appear to have either neutral or beneficial effects on chronic disease risks,” NMPF wrote in a letter co-signed with the International Dairy Foods Association sent earlier today. “We are concerned that a number of well-recognized studies appear to have been excluded from consideration.”

Focusing on the need for the most robust review of science possible, the letter asks the committee “to complete its review by including all relevant scientific studies that bear on these questions and, if the findings so indicate, recommend Americans incorporate dairy foods in all forms as an integral part of all dietary patterns.”

If the committee fails to examine the validity of existing dietary advice, “this will represent a lost opportunity to share newer science with consumers, health professionals and policy makers and contribute to ongoing confusion about the healthfulness of dairy,” the letter said.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee is discussing its draft conclusions and the final advisory report Wednesday, with final guidelines expected by the end of the year. A copy of the letter is available here.

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