July 14 2020 11:06 AM

AAD selected as one of 52 finalists out of nearly 2,500 applicants from 87 countries

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Advanced Animal Diagnostics (“AAD”) was recently announced as a global finalist for the 2020 Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), the world’s largest startup competition focused on recognizing innovators using technology to address the greatest global challenges. The maker of rapid livestock tests and data systems joins 51 other finalists that represent 19 countries and 6 continents that were chosen from 2,419 applicants.

More than 20% of the companies selected represented agtech, food and water in the competition inspired by the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “It should be no surprise ag is prominent in XTC because livestock producers and farmers fight for SGGs of zero hunger, good health, and responsible production every day,” said AAD CEO and beef producer Joy Parr Drach. “But when it comes to venture capital funding, food and agtech garnered less than 7% of all dollars invested globally in 20191, so it’s rewarding to see more representation at XTC.”

As part of the competition, AAD and other finalists will participate in a virtual XTC Bootcamp, with the opportunity to qualify as a category winner for the Global Finals on July 15, 2020. AAD is a finalist in three categories: AgTech, Food and Water, Female Founder, and COVID-19 Innovation categories. Finalists will receive guidance from industry leaders that will help prepare them to pitch to category judges.

“I’m glad to see the work of our employees and collaborators validated by this recognition as a global XTC finalist” said Parr Drach. “AAD’s mission of ensuring a safe, abundant supply of animal protein is directly aligned with XTC’s goal of addressing major challenges to humanity and the planet.”

AAD has developed a line of rapid, animal-side tests under the QScout brand name coupled with a web-based data management platform. These products are being used by livestock producers to better target antibiotic use while improving profitability.

The chute-side QScout® BLD test identifies cattle at-risk for developing respiratory disease that would benefit from antibiotic treatment, allowing veterinarians and beef producers to make earlier, more effective and profitable treatment decisions. Trials have demonstrated a significant reduction in overall antibiotic use.

AAD’s on-farm QScout® MLD test is helping dairy producers detect subclinical mastitis, an udder infection, before visual symptoms appear. Finding and treating subclinical mastitis early increases milk production, enhances milk quality, and improves reproductive performance. This milk leukocyte differential test has been licensed to the world’s largest animal health company for distribution outside the United States. Currently, it is being used to facilitate selective dry cow therapy in Europe, a practice that significantly cuts down on antibiotic use in dairy cattle.

About Advanced Animal Diagnostics
Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD), Morrisville, N.C., provides livestock producers with diagnostics that improve profitability and empower more precise care of animals, so they live healthier, more productive lives. AAD is committed to researching, developing and commercializing the industry’s most reliable, on-farm diagnostic tests, such as QScout BLD test to determine need for antibiotic intervention and predict outcomes of fed cattle tested on arrival and QScout MLD test for early detection of subclinical mastitis in dairy cows. With its diagnostic offerings, the company aims to empower real-time management decisions that increase productivity, prevent losses, improve animal welfare and protect the food supply. For more information, visit www.QScoutLab.com or call 1-855 Q2COUNT.

1Crunchbase projects that roughly $294.8B was across the venture spectrum in 2019. Venture investment in ag and food technology was $19.8B in 2019 according to AgFunder.