Herd-Health Testing Options Provide Solutions to Summer's High-Heat Challenges

Summer's high temperatures generate added stress for dairy herds and create challenges with overall herd health and feed intake. To help alleviate some of the stress with managing herd health, ANIMART has compiled a selection of innovative, user-friendly and time-saving on-farm testing options, said Dr. Rich Ernsberger, DVM for ANIMART.

"Testing for disease and pregnancy, for example, is an extremely important part of a dairy operation," Ernsberger said, "and everything about it intensifies during the high-heat months of summer. The earlier that diagnosis can occur, the greater the chance of protecting the entire herd and curing the disease. Profitable cows are healthy and pregnant cows."

Among the herd-health on-farm testing options ANIMART suggests are:

- BioPRYN® pregnancy tests - Testing for a specific protein in the blood, BioPRYN is a safe and easy alternative to palpation and ultrasound.

- BVD PI testing kits - These kits aid in protecting a previously infected herd against BVD shedding and assist in developing a BVD-free herd. Several quick-result options are available.

- Minnesota Easy Culture System - Mastitis diagnosis in a few easy steps; user-friendly culture plates and laboratory handbook included.

- Legend Pedometer Heat Detection System - Improve fertility, reduce calving intervals and increase productivity. Analyze data quickly to make timely decisions regarding natural reproduction and artificial insemination. Also a powerful tool in assessing activity as it relates to overall animal health.

- Ketosis Testing (BHBAs) – Elevated levels of BHBA in the blood may be an indicator of post-partum Ketosis. Blood draws for BHBA monitoring are recommended.

"The kind of critical analysis and integrated on-farm expertise we provide makes addressing seasonal challenges a far less time-consuming and overwhelming task," said Ernsberger. "It speaks to efficiency and profitability, two things every farmer wants working in their favor."

More information about these and other ANIMART on-farm testing options can be obtained via a trusted ANIMART representative at 800.255.1181 or www.animart.com/herd-health-options.

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