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Registration is open for the Center for Dairy Research’s Food Safety (HACCP) Online Workshop, taking place September 3. This workshop provides an introduction to HACCP in a plant setting. A variety of topics will be covered, including the potential of dairy plant hazards, prerequisites, validation of HACCP plans, implementing HACCP, and regulations.

This workshop is open to all dairy and food processors, suppliers and regulators who wish to learn or review the basics of HACCP in a dairy plant. The exercises in the workshop will allow attendees to create or modify flow diagrams of particular dairy products. This class also fulfills one of the requirements for obtaining a Wisconsin cheesemakers license.

» Overview of HACCP
» Potential Dairy Plant Hazards
» HACCP Prerequisites - GMPs
» HACCP Exercise-Break Out Sessions
» Discussion
» Environmental Monitoring in Dairy Plants
» Plant Audits

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