EW Nutrition GmbH acquires 51 percent of the shares on GRASP Industria e Comércio Ltda, a market leader in the field of mycotoxin binders, essential oils, and yeast-originated products, based in Curitiba (Brazil). The two companies have entered into a strategic partnership to combine two strong science based product portfolios in the field of functional, innovative feed additives. GRASP will in addition to its previous product range market the EW Nutrition product portfolio in Brazil. EW Nutrition's product range includes Functional Egg Proteins (Globigen®), Probiotics (Progressive®), Silage Inoculants (StabiLac®), and a wide range of specialty feeds. EW Nutrition will take over the international distribution of GRASP's product lines which include Mycotoxin bunders (Mastersorb®), Essential oils (Activo®) and MOS (Bgmos®). Jan Wesjohann, Managing Director of EW Nutrition GmbH comments: "Alysson Hoffman Pegoraro and his team have built up an excellent company that has a similar vision to EW Nutrition. We are excited to have this opportunity to become a part of the important Brazilian Market and to introduce technically strong products that already have a leading position in the Brazilian market to our international customer base." Alysson Hoffman Pegoraro, Managing Director of GRASP Industria e Comércio Ltda who will continue to lead the company and keep 49 percent share in GRASP says: "I'm looking forward to our cooperation with EW Nutrition and the EW Group to explore the international market opportunities for our existing product range and to introduce their world-leading products, especially the Globigen® line of Functional Egg Immunoglobulins to our Brazilian customers." For further information: EW Nutrtion: www.ew-nutrition.com GRASP: www.grasp.ind.br 07.15.2011