Aug. 19 2020 11:19 AM

Unique R-1 radial design well-suited to irrigation applications requiring flotation

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Titan International, Inc. (Titan) is proud to announce the new Titan Hi-Dration Lug irrigation tire, which is the first radial non-directional irrigation tire on the market. In addition to being available from Titan and Goodyear Farm Tire dealers, the new Hi-Dration Lug will be available on nearly all T&L Irrigation pivot and linear irrigation systems.

“We designed this tire to meet a clearly unmet need in the irrigation market,” said Scott Sloan, Ag Product Manager at Titan. “The Hi-Dration Lug tire is the only non-directional tire on the market with radial construction, allowing for lower inflation pressures, more flotation and less rutting – all of which led T&L Irrigation to offer this unique tire to their customers.”

T&L Irrigation is the first OEM to offer the Hi-Dration Lug, having worked closely with Titan during field testing and development to ensure the new tire solution met the needs of their equipment and their customers.

“The Titan Hi-Dration Lug is a game-changer for linear and pivot irrigation systems. Through all our field testing and development, we have received only positive feedback from our customers, said Dave Thom, president, T&L Irrigation. “Our customers are excited to see a pivot tire option that has great cleanout, traction and flotation all in a non-directional tread design, and the wheel track depth data shows favorable and improved flotation versus alternative bias options.”

Great Solution for Flotation Problems

The Hi-Dration Lug tire features a radial construction that allows for carrying the weight at lower air pressures, thereby increasing flotation and reducing field rutting. Its rugged 0-degree bar with supported lug center creates superior durability and longevity. Additional features include:

· Non-directional pattern design provides maximum traction in both forward and reverse

· Designed for self-cleaning to decrease rolling resistance while in the field

· Available sizes include: 290/85R38 and 380/85R24

New 8-Year Warranty

All radial agriculture Titan Tires — including the Hi-Dration Lug — now come with increased warranty coverage, which includes:

  • 8-year coverage for tire workmanship and material with prorated refund based on years in service and percentage wear
  • 2-year, no-cost replacement
  • New 1-year field hazard protection plan
  • 2-year stubble damage protection plan
  • Certain exclusions apply. View the full coverage here.

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