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The American Guernsey Association (AGA) has announced that Robin Alden has been hired as their Executive Secretary, effective August 3rd. Alden assumes the role from current President David Coon, who has been temporarily serving in the role since June 2019. Previously, Alden has served in many roles with the AGA, most recently as the Programs Manager. In her new role, Alden will continue oversight of AGA programs and services, including registrations, classification, genomic testing, Guernsey Marketing Service, and others. She will also continue her role as an Associate Editor for Purebred Publishing, a subsidiary of the AGA. Alden will also assume responsibility for supervising the AGA’s staff and managing the budget. “My goal as the Executive Secretary is first and foremost to continue to provide the exemplary service we are known for, while also maintaining the financial stability of the Association to ensure we remain a successful organization into the future,” said Alden. “The Guernsey is the most valuable cow in the country right now, and that holds true regardless of what your dairy operation is like. Utilizing AGA programs are essential for enhancing that value.” Alden was raised on her family’s small dairy in Danville, Ohio, which she remains an active part of, helping to care for and maintain records of the 100% registered herd. After graduation from the Ohio State University in 2014, she joined Purebred Publishing part-time as a copy editor and has continually added to her role with AGA since.