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Fight Bac, a teat disinfectant for the control of mastitis, is marking its 30th anniversary. Founded in 1990 by Geoff Westfall, DVM, Fight Bac is known for its high efficacy, unique aerosol spray, and non-irritating chlorhexidine as the main active ingredient.

An experienced practice-owning veterinarian, Westfall’s strong entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to study mastitis — and find a way to prevent it. With dairy cow experts agreeing that the single most important procedure in preventing mastitis is proper post-milking teat disinfection, Westfall wanted to help dairy producers find a better way to disinfect. He believed there was a more sensible alternative to dipping teats with a dip cup.

“Working on a dairy farm, I grew up using a messy teat dip cup,” says Westfall. “I became convinced that cross-contamination of a dip cup and its solution could be a cause of serious mastitis outbreaks. That’s when I began testing the efficacy of an aerosol disinfectant, which always delivers fresh solution and never touches the animal. University of Connecticut research proved the aerosol spray controlled mastitis better than dips.”

Since Fight Bac’s launch, Westfall has expanded the aerosol disinfectant into the dairy goat market, plus added supplementary uses, including applying it to newborn calf and kid navels, cuts and wounds, injection sites and udder rot. “Studies show that chlorhexidine is superior to iodine, and most human healthcare and dental settings have switched to this antiseptic,” adds Westfall. “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback over the years from producers who are not only seeing excellent results with Fight Bac as an effective and affordable teat disinfectant, but also as a general use disinfectant all around the farm.”

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