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Join Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) on the virtual highway for this year’s DCRC Annual Meeting, Nov.10-12. The 20-plus presenters will share approaches to optimize dairy cattle reproduction programs via the Zoom video and audio conferencing platform. To register for the meeting, go to:

“This year’s DCRC Annual Meeting showcases dairy cattle reproduction topics that reflect on the past, share the present and gaze into the future,” said DCRC Annual Meeting Program Chair Eduardo Ribeiro, University of Guelph associate professor in the department of animal biosciences. “With a virtual conference platform, DCRC plans to reach a more global and diverse audience during the 2020 DCRC Annual Meeting.” All sessions will be recorded, which members and non-members can access after Nov. 12.

Presentation titles and presenters for this year’s DCRC Annual Meeting include:

· 25 years of timed AI programs: Past, present and future – Milo Wiltbank, University of Wisconsin-Madison

· Producer panel: Revamping estrous detection and reproductive efficiency with digital technology – Don Niles, Dairy Dreams LLC, Evan Platte, Steenblik Dairy, Luke Hopkin, Collins Dairy, and Tiffany Paulus Schneider, Paulus Dairy

· Cattle fertility in 12 years of genomics: Lessons learned, current applications and future development – John Cole, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Peter Hansen, University of Florida

· Future of dairy management decisions based on big data analytics – Michael Ferris and Victor Cabrera, University of Wisconsin-Madison

· From colostrum to weaning: How to better prepare your replacement heifers for the future – Michael Steele, University of Guelph

· Economics of rearing replacement heifers and culling strategies in times of good fertility and genomics – Mike Overton, Zoetis

· Dry cow management: How to optimize udder health and colostrum quality – Brian Miller, Merck Animal Health

· Can uterine infections be treated or managed without antibiotics? – Klibs Galvão, University of Florida

· The importance of using transition cow records for decision making – John Wenz, Washington State University

· Establishing a high fertility cycle in the lactating herd – Richard Pursley, Michigan State University

· Optimization of embryo transfer technologies in dairy herds – Daniela Demetrio, Maddox Dairy

· Using digital technology to optimize health and reproductive management – Ricardo Chebel, University of Florida

· Future of DHI and diagnostic services in modern dairy management – Kelly Sporer, CentralStar Cooperative Select Sires

· Development of employees and future leaders in the dairy industry – Molly Sloan, URUS

· Understanding dairy personnel motivations for adoption of new practices – Steven Roche, ACER Consulting

· Sire fertility and sexed semen in dairy cattle – Stephen Butler, Teagasc Moorepark

The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council is focused on bringing together all sectors of the dairy industry – producers, consultants, academia and allied industry professionals – for improved reproductive performance. DCRC provides an unprecedented opportunity for all groups to work together to take dairy cattle reproduction to the next level.