Sept. 23 2020 06:03 PM

Newly realigned districts will take effect during 2020’s fall nomination process

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

The Minnesota Dairy Promotion Council (MDPC) will be seeing a change in board representation due to re-districting that will start with this year’s fall nominating process. A redistricting proposal has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. With this approval, the districts have been realigned to 18 districts.

Each district will continue to elect one representative to the Minnesota Dairy Promotion Council. The elected representatives will then serve congruently on the Midwest Dairy Minnesota Division Board.

The reasons for the redistricting are as follows:

  • The geographic realignment is consistent in representing the location of dairy farms within Minnesota.
  • The change in the number of board member representatives correlates with a lower number of dairy farms.

Beginning with this fall’s nominating process which kicks off in late September, the newly realigned district map takes effect, and each district will be convening nominating committees to reflect the 18 new districts. For this election cycle, every MDPC board member will be up for election with half of the districts (odd-numbered) being elected for a one-year term and the other half of the districts (even-numbered) having a two-year term.

In 2021, the odd number districts will be up for election after completing their one-year term. By 2022, the rotating district election process will be back on schedule.