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Nowadays challenges in managing a profitable and at the same time sustainable dairy or beef cattle farm, lift the Industry to a whole new level of knowledge and expertise. Today’s legislation forces farmers to deal with new issues like emission of methane and nitrogen, phosphate duties, mandatory grazing and more. Combine this with the stricter rules regarding cow health an milk quality and the increasing demand for biological products, farming becomes a challenge. The expected international population growth of 2 billion people in the year 2050 and the Paris climate agreement will challenge the industry even more. Research for individual Feed

Efficiency for dairy and growing beef animals is one of the major topics and challenges today and will be for many years to come. Experience and knowledge The Hokofarm Group, have more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the field on Feed Efficiency. We are very proud to be a part of all the Global research programs from leading facilities and universities all over the world. It is a very satisfying feeling that Hokofarm Group is a part of finding solutions in the global issue of carbon footprint. Because there is still a lot2Discover.

Roughage intake control To optimize Feed Efficiency, Hokofarm Group has launched a new product: RIC2Discover, the golden standard for individual feed intake research. The RIC feed trough continuously weighs the contained feed and feed time of the animal. It can be used for restricted- and adlibitum feeding practises. When a cow approaches one of the feed weigh troughs, the system identifies the animal and data recording starts. The system measures the eating period and continuous feed intake. The management software registers all the cow individual data on the feed and water intake and eating time. Optional the system can be extended with concentrate feed stations, weighing station and automatic selection. It also offers the option to link to a milking system, heat detection and many other subjects. The software is accessible via pc or mobile device, so information and operation are in the palm of your hand.

Bringing your ideas to life Mr. Arnold van Leeuwen, Business Unit Manager of the HokofarmGroup states to be very proud on the dedicated Hokofarm team, that has joint their thoughts with the countless researchers that are already using the RIC system in the field all over the world. The outcome of RIC2Discover is therefore a joint effort between years of practice and theory. It is a very satisfying feeling that Hokofarm is part of finding solutions in the global issue of carbon footprint. Would you like more information? Check out