Oct. 26 2020 08:39 AM

Dairy Checkoff Using ‘Monster’ Opportunity to Promote Chocolate Milk

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

American Dairy Association North East is promoting chocolate milk as the official drink of Halloween, using this “monster” opportunity to increase consumption during the spooky season.

The campaign was initiated by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), and ADA North East has supported the fun, engaging messaging in local retail stores and with our New York county dairy promotion committees.

“This promotion brings together several of our collaborators – MilkPEP, Dairy Management Inc., our local retail partners and our dairy promoters – all with the goal of selling more chocolate milk to benefit our dairy farmers,” said ADA North East CEO Rick Naczi. “With families required to put a different spin on Halloween this year because of COVID-19, picking up a gallon of chocolate milk can help fill the void of some traditional holiday treats.”

Dairy Management Inc., the national dairy checkoff, also supported MilkPEP’s Halloween campaign with local retailer ShopRite. ADA North East’s retail team provided promotional decals and signage to 295 ShopRite stores in our region to place on dairy cases to remind customers to buy more chocolate milk.

Our team also provide signage to additional retailers when visiting stores to execute our main in-store programs – the Dairy Aisle Performance Program that ensures the dairy case is clean, cold and well-stocked, and the Dairy Aisle Reinvention Program that offers dairy A close up of a logo  Description automatically generatedaisle “makeovers” with displays and signage to provide shoppers and easy and positive shopping experience.

To further support the Official Drink of Halloween program, ADA North East sent more than 70 promotional kits with the chocolate milk signage to New York dairy princesses and promotion committees to share with their local retail stores. Several counties have conducted in-store promotions which helps sell more milk and helps build positive relationships for future promotions.

ADA North East manages the New York dairy princess program and provides funding, training and promotional resources. For more information about the dairy princess Halloween campaign or other promotions, contact Dawn Houppert at dhouppert@milk4u.org.