Effective July 1, 2011 Dalex Livestock Solutions and Cornell University have signed an agreement to license "The Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System for Evaluating Herd Nutrition of Cattle and Their Nutrient Excretion". The CNCPS 6.1 model comprises an integrated set of equations and transfer coefficients which predict requirements, feed utilization, and nutrient excretion for dairy and beef cattle and was developed in the course of research at Cornell over the last 25 years. The model has been used extensively around the world and is in continuous development, an effort currently led by Dr. Mike Van Amburgh. Dalex is excited to add the CNCPS 6.1 model to its impressive list of models currently available to the livestock industry. This new model will be made available through the new .NET platform called CN.Dalex. CN.Dalex will offer the NRC 89, NRC 2001, CNCPS 5, CPM and CNCPS 6.1 Dairy models. It will also offer the NRC 98 for Swine and NRC 84, NRC 96, NRC 96 Adjusted and CNCPS 6.1 for Beef. CN.Dalex has been under development since April, 2010 and is currently in Beta test. Market availability is anticipated sometime Fall/Winter 2011. Dalex Livestock Solutions has been providing advanced ration formulation software to the animal nutrition industry since 1980. Using the most up-to-date scientific models and data, Dalex provides a complete solution for corporations, as well as independent consultants, to formulate, analyze and monitor livestock feeding situations. Dalex Livestock Solutions is based in Bloomington, MN. 07.27.2011