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Vaxxinova US, formerly Epitopix, is proud to announce the acquisition of marketing rights for the SRP® Salmonella cattle vaccine. SRP Salmonella was the first USDA licensed vaccine using the widely recognized SRP technology, launched in 2005. SRP Salmonella, previously marketed by Zoetis Animal Health, will be now be marketed by its manufacturer Vaxxinova US.

Under its new name, Vaxxon® SRP® Salmonella is the same product which veterinarians, producers, and distributors have come to trust over the past two decades. “We’re bringing this product back home, in a sense. Back to where SRP technology began,” said Jim Sandstrom, DVM, Vaxxinova US Managing Director. “As Vaxxinova US has aligned our strategy with Vaxxinova International, marketing our own line of SRP vaccines is an obvious decision.” SRP vaccines are unique, as they use purified protein antigens to induce antibodies that recognize bacterial cell wall pores called siderophore receptors. Bacteria require iron to survive. A vaccine made from SRP proteins will generate antibodies that block bacterial uptake of iron, which is a critical nutrient for bacterial survival.

“At the end of the day, the only noticeable change to this product is the name and the label. The same manufacturer, quality assurance, and technical expertise are backing the product,” according to Larry Slinden, DVM, Vaxxinova US Senior Technical Service Veterinarian. This marks the second product re-acquisition announcement from Vaxxinova US. SRP Salmonella, previously marketed by Zoetis® Animal Health, will be marketed by Vaxxinova US beginning in January 2021 as Vaxxon SRP Salmonella. KLEBVaxTM SRP®, formerly marketed by Huvepharma®, is now available as Vaxxon® SRP® Klebsiella. These two commonly used effective vaccines are identical to the previously marketed versions, only with new labels and brand names.

The Vaxxon line of SRP vaccines will be available from major animal heath suppliers. Vaxxinova® US discovers and develops veterinary vaccines to improve animal health and food safety, building upon a foundation of proprietary SRP® technologies. Vaxxinova US owns intellectual property rights to all of its discoveries. For a complete list of US patents, see

Vaxxinova® is a registered trademark of Vaxxinova International BV. Zoetis® is a registered trademark of Zoetis. Huvepharma® is a registered trademark of Huvepharma, Inc