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The Dairy Quality Center (DQC) has named Elizabeth Kohtz, DVM, of Twin Falls, Idaho, as the 2020 Dairy Quality Veterinarian of the Year. In honor of the award, a $1,000 donation was made to the Magic Valley Dairy Heifer program in Dr. Kohtz’s name. The Dairy Quality Veterinarian of the Year award, sponsored by Diamond V, is awarded annually and serves to raise public awareness of the importance of bovine practitioners of animal care. “We are proud to honor Dr. Kohtz with the Dairy Quality Veterinarian of the Year award. She is a conscientious professional who truly cares for each cow under her responsibility,” said Rodrigo Carranza, DQC Executive Director.

“Dr. Kohtz works closely with her dairy clients to improve cow comfort; ensure judicious use of antibiotics and eliminate residue risks; maintain accurate records; train employees in responsible animal handling; and guide farm practices for sustainable food production. Through participation in the Verified Premium Plus Program (VPP), her dairy clients earn premiums beyond grade & yield for their marketed dairy beef delivered directly to the beef packer. This strengthens traceability and transparency, producing safe and high-quality milk and beef for consumers.”

Dr. Kohtz owns and operates a dairy veterinary practice, milk quality laboratory, and row crop farm. She performs traditional veterinary medicine as well as consults with large dairies. Dr. Kohtz has worked with DQC’s VPP program for the past three years. In 2020 she had the most dairies in the 90%+ grading list on the VPP walk-through audit, making them Sustainable Dairy Award winners.