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Dairy farm labor is one of the major costs of production, and farm labor is regularly described as an area of concern by dairy farmers. Ohio State University is providing a certificate course to assist dairy farm owners and managers with labor management on farms.

This course provides opportunities for participants to examine labor costs, define labor needs, examine hiring processes, promote relationships among farm workers, increase retention, and identify ways to promote employee well-being. Structure This five-week course will be held weekly on Tuesdays from 12:30 to 2:00 pm in January and February 2021. All attendees will be registered with ScarletCanvas, an online platform by The Ohio State University. Materials relative to each topic will be posted there for use by attendees. Because of its virtual format, you do not have to travel to participate and learn very important topics by experts in the dairy and associated industries.

Presenters from Ohio State University Extension, Michigan State University Extension, Iowa State University Extension, Cornell University Extension, and private industry will teach the program. Weekly assignments will be given, and interactive discussion will be important for the success of the program. Certificates will be provided to participants completing this program.

Dates and Topics
January 12, 2021 Labor Management Benchmarks So, You Need to Hire Someone – Developing the job description January 19, 2021 Recruiting Employees Immigrant Labor
January 26, 2021 Conducting an Interview You’re Hired, now what? Building Success from Day One
February 2, 2021 Building Long-Term Relationships and Team Meetings Conflict Management
February 9, 2021 Labor Laws Farm Safety Registration Details

The cost of the program is $75 per person and is limited to the first 30 people who register. For additional information, please see or contact Chris Zoller, OSU Extension Educator, at 330-827-0249. Registration deadline is Thursday, December 31st.