The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

World Wide Sires (WWS) is celebrating its 50-year anniversary in 2021! What started as a passion for cows and international people for one California pioneer, soon grew into a global business that has become a household name for farmers around the world.

World Wide Sires was founded by a prominent California dairy producer, Mr. Willard “Bill” Clark of Cal-Clark Holsteins in 1971. An avid traveler with a passion for dairy cattle and international business, Clark identified a need and demand for U.S. genetics around the world and sought to source elite product to meet this market demand. At the time that the company was founded at Clark’s home farm in Hanford, California, there were five A.I. cooperatives that served as the original genetic suppliers: Tri-State Breeders Cooperative, East Central Breeders, Eastern A.I. Cooperative, Sire Power and Midwest Breeders Cooperative. Several others, including Select Sires, joined the WWS organization in later years. Export totals grew rapidly, and by the 1980’s, World Wide Sires was the global sales organization representing all the A.I. cooperatives in the United States. In 2017, after a series of mergers and acquisitions, World Wide Sires became a subsidiary of Select Sires. Clark attributed his early success to his focus on people and customer service, which remain the cornerstones of World Wide Sires today.

In the company’s 50-year history, World Wide Sires has shipped more than 110 million doses of semen to 108 countries, and has hosted more than 37,000 international visitors.

World Wide Sires Ltd. has built the genetic foundation of the global dairy industry with great sires such as Elevation, Bell, Chairman, Chief Mark, Blackstar, Manfred, Durham, BW Marshall, Potter, Blitz, O Man, Marion, Man-O-Man, Planet, G W Atwood, Mogul, Supersire and Montross. Recent greats such as Helix, Brewmaster, Renegade and Legacy, all currently available from World Wide Sires, are ensuring a bright future.

Bill Clark based his vision of World Wide Sires on putting people first and providing them with the best services available to support their businesses. This ideology remains today as the organization offers a variety of value-added services to customers around the globe, including Global Dairy Solutions (GDS) and the World Wide Mating Service (WMS). In addition to these services, WWS has been at the forefront of new technology to ensure our customers’ success, being the first major U.S. A.I. organization to offer 90 percent female-separated product, named genderSELECTed semen and partnering with industry leaders like CowManager, Zoetis and Bovisync to help customers better manage multiple aspects of their dairy.

The first 50 years of World Wide Sires have been built on a legacy of superior genetics, excellent customer service and solid, long-lasting relationships with the good people in the dairy and beef industries. As World Wide Sires moves forward, the focus will not change: People first and the genetics and services to support those good people. Thank you for your support…we are Here For You!