Feb. 2 2021 10:41 AM

Munters Atlas performs 15 percent better than other fans in its class and is the latest American made innovation from the global leader in agricultural ventilation systems

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Munters Corporation, the leader in premium climate control agricultural solutions for over 70 years, announced the availability of their latest design, the Atlas 74” exhaust fan.

Munters Atlas was designed, engineered and built in the USA with premium parts for the demanding conditions of a modern dairy operation, featuring a corrosion-resistant fiberglass housing that is easy to clean and built to withstand tough conditions.

“Comfort is critical to livestock productivity,” said Scott Mulka, product manager for Munters Corporation. “We designed and engineered Atlas to provide the best airflow and efficiency in this size class, leading to the lowest overall total cost of ownership for a comfortable, productive farm.”

Two options are available for a customized approach to ventilation. Munters Atlas Premium provides the best balance between airflow and efficiency in its class, and Munters Atlas Efficient maximizes efficiency to lower your energy costs.

Features include:

  • Atlas Efficient delivers airflow efficiency ratings up to 22.0 cfm/watt (at 0.10 inches-H20) qualifying for local energy rebatesi
  • Atlas Premium delivers the highest airflow in its class with up to 51,900 cfm (at 0.10 inches-H20)
  • 82-frame premium motor provides an efficient performance and longevity
  • Durable fiberglass housing holds up to tough conditions
  • Tested in accordance with AMCA Standard 210

Atlas is available for sales and will be shipping in March 2021. Information about the new product along with an ordering guide and product manual is available on our website.

About Munters

Munters FoodTech division is one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative, energy-efficient climate control solutions for livestock farming and greenhouses, as well as software for controlling and optimizing the entire food production value chain. Munters solutions increase productivity while enabling sustainable food production in which strict requirements are placed on quality. For additional information, visit: www.munters.com.