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Each year, a special group of young women are selected to represent the state’s dairy farm families who contribute to making California number one for milk production in the U.S. These Dairy Princess ambassadors and alternates are selected during events at Districts throughout the state, where they showcase speaking skills, knowledge of dairy and desire to represent the industry during the one-year term. The 2021 contests kick off in April and will run through June.

California Dairy Princesses serve as industry advocates in their home district and throughout California, supporting the reputation of milk and dairy products through appearances at various events. Dairy Princesses and alternates participate in a mandatory orientation/training where they receive professional development coaching.

The California Dairy Princess Program has been in effect since 1958. Currently eight districts hold local contests, which cover 48 counties in the state of California. The California Dairy Princess contest is supported by California dairy producers through the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB). Information and application forms can be accessed at Additional questions can be directed to Tiffany Nielsen, California Dairy Princess Director, at

Dairy Princess Program - 2021 Application Deadlines and Contest Dates

District Application Deadline Contest Date Location

District 1 Friday, March 19 TBD TBD

District 3 Friday, March 5 Saturday, April 17 Petaluma

District 4 No Contest No Contest No Contest

District 5 Thursday, April 15 Wednesday, June 2 TBD

District 6 Friday, May 7 Thursday, June 17 Turlock
District 8 TBD TBD TBD

District 7 Monday, April 26 Friday, June 25 TBD

District 9 Friday, April 23 Friday, June 18 Tulare

California is the nation’s leading milk producer. It also produces more butter, ice cream and nonfat dry milk than any other state. The state is the second-largest producer of cheese and yogurt. Real California dairy products can be identified by the Real California Milk seal, which certifies that the products are made exclusively with milk produced on California dairy farms by California dairy farm families.