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Forage professionals now have a new way to order their premium forage inoculant products with the launch of the BONSILAGE webstore. This new approach to ordering is an easy way for producers to purchase their BONSILAGE forage inoculant products directly from the manufacturer.

“Our goal is to be a trusted partner by providing our customers the support and products they need to make quality good forage year after year,” said Pierre Frumholtz, President, PROVITA SUPPLEMENTS.“ With our new webstore, we are offering simple, streamlined ways to order the best product for various crops and conditions and to confirm the treated tons needed. Customers can easily complete their order with the click of a button and those who need additional support have access to our team of experts.”

Through the webstore, producers can purchase any BONSILAGE products for corn, sorghum, grass, alfalfa, and organic farming. Each product page includes the information producers need to make an informed decision on what to purchase for their crops.

New Generation of Forage Additives

No matter how the forage was cut and ensiled, the animals need quality feed every day. As producers know, the quality of their forage is a decisive factor for milk yields, sustainable animal health and overall cost-effective milk production. That’s why forage professionals use inoculants to better preserve nutrients.

“When we develop BONSILAGE products, we go through rigorous research and field trials to ensure their repeatability and consistency because we know producers want the best for their cows,” said Jan-Niklas Grund, Sales and Service Manager Silage Inoculants, PROVITA SUPPLEMENTS. “BONSILAGE products have been developed with U.S. research to better protect forage quality and maximize forage utilization.”

Experts Are Always Available

The BONSILAGE team of experts is always available to answer any questions producers may have when ordering through the webstore. Producers have the option to call customer support directly, send an email, chat with the support team or set up a technical call with an expert.

With the launch of the BONSILAGE webstore, producers now have the flexibility to order exactly how they want - either with a representative or online. Visit today to learn more.