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Professional Hoof Trimmer Graeme Parker, also known by his YouTube channel name as The Hoof GP, is launching an Online Functional Hoof Trimming Course.

The course shows how Dairy Farmers can prevent lesions, keep their herd healthy and avoid huge lost profits every year.

Graeme Parker, The Hoof GP commented:

“An economic review of the costs of lameness estimated the average cattle herd lameness is around 25% and costs £2.20/$3 cost per lame cow a day. For a herd of 400, that results in an £80,300/$109,500 loss per annum (1), which is a huge loss for farmers.

I’ve been running my YouTube channel with weekly video diaries for a few years now, where I’ve been promoting hoof care online to 612,000 subscribers and have gotten over 196 million views. However, my YouTube channel only scratches the surface. I want to show farmers a serious, detailed and structured way to get to grips with hoof trimming so that they can take ownership over their cattle lameness problems and in doing so, drastically save money and increase their profits. Ultimately, this furthers our industry and proper hoof care”.

The course goes live on Friday 26th March 2021 and can be accessed here (2).