April 14 2021 02:02 PM


A nice pair of cows starts out this class with D being flatter-boned and exhibiting more dairyness and femininity throughout. D is higher and wider at the top of her rear udder attachment, has more definition of seam, and has an overall more youthful mammary system. D also stands on a more correct set of feet and legs. I give B an advantage in being deeper in fore rib.

B’s combination of dairy strength and depth of body in both fore and rear rib places her over A. She has more width of chest floor. B also shows more bloom to the mammary system and is wider at the top of her rear udder than A. In addition, B is a larger cow with more size and scale than A. I grant A shows more quality to her mammary system.

In a close placing, A goes over C due to levelness of udder floor and the height and width of rear udder attachment. Additionally, I prefer the teat placement of A when viewed from the side. She also shows more dairy character and has a longer, cleaner neck than C. I grant C is a deeper-bodied cow than A but lacks the udder attachments to go any higher in the class.

About the Judge . . . Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor
Oldwick, N.J.
Taylor placed the JERSEYS. Since 2008, Taylor has served as the dairy and land manager for Cedar Lane Farm and its Milk and Honey herd based in Califon, N.J. Known widely in purebred dairy cattle circles, Taylor won the prestigious Klussendorf Trophy in 2000, and at the organization’s 2019 annual meeting, the members of the organization elected Taylor as president. Taylor has judged numerous shows of all breeds and showmanship competitions across New York state and the Northeast. A past judge of the Jersey Jug, Taylor has served as chairman of both the All American Jersey Show and the All-American Sale Committee.