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The April sire summaries revealed breed leading Holstein sires at International Protein Sires (IPS). These impact genetics all exceed +2900 GTPI. “We are gratified with the expanded impact of our Holstein sire lineup. Their superior credentials are backed by multi-generations of proven cow families. And they exemplify our objective of Breeding Cows, Not Numbers,” stated Ron Sersland, President and CEO.

566HO1344 SHEPERD is the new IPS pacesetter sire at +2952 GTPI and a member of the breed’s TOP 200. As with established IPS attributes, SHEPERD excels in component test. He is +106 lbs. (+.30%) fat and +41 lbs. (+.09%) protein for a combined +147 lbs. And his milk rating is a commendable +521 lbs. SHEPERD’s conformation is another strong suit; +1.31 type and +1.45 UDC. Health attributes add clout to this genetic package. SHEPERD is +4.9 for productive life and +814NM$. A calving ease bull at 1.7%, SHEPERD is also A2A2. Sired by Heroic, SHEPERD is from a promising Medley daughter. The Missy Family at Pine Tree Dairy is the foundation of this breed leader.

566HO1342 COULD BE continues to rise in prestige at +2937 GTPI. This places him among the Top 200 as well. He is a genetic impact sire at +1325 lbs. milk, +103 lbs. (+.18%) fat, and +61 lbs. (+.07%) protein. COULD BE also racks up positive numbers for all type traits. Udder width is especially notable at +1.58. Additional qualities include +5.6 productive life and +859CM$. COULD BE is an Acura son from a high butterfat testing Medley daughter. High butterfat test goes deep into his cow family.

566HO1341 BIG ORBIT is a rising star at +2928 GTPI. BIG ORBIT misses the breed’s TOP 200 list by a slim four points. High components are superior attributes; +118 lbs. (+.32%) fat and +46 lbs. (+.09%) protein. His production improvement is complimentary at +684 lbs. milk. And BIG ORBIT is a balanced sire with conformation traits at +1.35 type and +1.46 UDC. Additional qualities include productive life at +3.0 and +873DWP$. BIG ORBIT is a Biggelo son from a Very Good Granite daughter with 5.1% butterfat test. Special note: BIG ORBIT’s cow family is backed by six generations of Excellent dams, all with high component test.

566HO1331 CAMDIN adds further strength to the IPS lineup at +2904 GTPI. This is the second consecutive increase in CAMDIN’s GTPI rating. CAMDIN is a high milk bull at +1,172 lbs. His superior components adds further status; +98 lbs. (+.18%) and +52 lbs. (+.05%) protein. And CAMDIN’s conformation qualities are commendable at +1.15 type and +1.22 UDC. This genetic package is enhanced with health traits at +5.4 productive life, +811DWP$ and, +765NM$. CAMDIN is sired by Crimson from a Frazzled daughter. His pedigree traces to a multi-generation Excellent-Gold Medal family at Regancrest Holsteins.

This group of impact Holstein sires adds strength to the IPS lineup. And they meet the stringent requirements of dairy farmers around the world, superior performance with lasting qualities. IPS semen is available across the United States and throughout world from company employees and independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, you may obtain additional information about IPS through their website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593