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To better reflect the company’s decades-long commitment to the food value chain and to enhance its service capabilities, Graybill Processing LLC recently changed its name to AmpliSource and expanded operations to the Midwest.

“Whether it’s managing byproducts for food manufacturers and processors or providing high-quality, high-energy feeds for livestock farmers, our goal has always been to amplify advantages up and down the food value chain,” according to Joshua Schmidt, CEO of AmpliSource. “Our new name, as well as the clearly articulated mission, vision and values that accompany it, better address who we are as a company—and position us well to continue the level of service that has always been part of our DNA.”AmpliSource offers full-circle solutions that extend the usefulness of food manufacturing and processing byproducts by turning them into proven alternatives to standard livestock feed components.

In addition to its new name, AmpliSource also announced the opening of a new processing facility in Rockford, Illinois. The new facility will enable the company to work with customers and stakeholders throughout the Midwest and further advance its mission to “provide undeniable benefit from unexpected sources.”

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