May 17 2021 02:41 PM

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin Marketing Efforts Nationally Recognized

AdWeek recently released their list of the most impactful campaigns of the year and chose “Cheeselandia,” the brand community created by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, as Influencer Campaign of the Year. 

Other brands recognized along with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin were Peloton, Zoom, Harley Davidson, and Nike. According to Adweek, “These innovative campaigns and execs delivered results and accountability when it mattered most.”

“It’s amazing that our non-profit organization is competing with and being recognized alongside some of the biggest and best marketing companies in the world. It’s a real testament to the incredible talent and passion we have here,” says Chad Vincent, CEO, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW) started Cheeselandia four years ago as part of their marketing strategy to drive word of mouth for Wisconsin’s biggest dairy product-cheese. According to Neilson, 92% of consumers believe friends and family over all forms of advertising. Cheeselandia allows DFW to connect everyday cheese lovers with the Wisconsin Cheese story—showcasing the cheesemakers, the dairy farmers, the stories and the state’s cheeses with fans nationwide. The Cheeselandians help spread the brand messaging, share cheese with friends, create content, review recipes, participate in live and virtual events, and in some cases, go on tv in their local markets to talk about Wisconsin Cheese. DFW is driving online conversations about Wisconsin Cheese and Cheeselandians are seeking out their new favorites at retail locations, leading to wider distribution of Wisconsin cheeses and more markets for milk produced on Wisconsin dairy farms while enhancing Wisconsin's reputation for crafting the best cheese in the world.

There are currently 4,000 ambassadors in the US (in all 50 states).