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AHV International expands the technical expertise of their U.S. team with the hiring of Kavishti Kokaram, D.V.M., in California.

“Kokaram has extensive experience working directly with dairy farms to diagnose disease, design protocols for improvement and train employees for successful implementation,” says Jeff Brose, D.V.M. and director of technical services for AHV International. “We are excited to utilize his talent, passion and technical aptitude to serve our customers.”

Kokaram was previously an owner and practicing veterinarian at Lander Veterinary Clinic located in Turlock, California where he worked for the past nine years. During his time at Lander Veterinary Clinic, Kokaram made significant contributions to the in-house diagnostic lab, enhancing the integrity of lab reporting by over 95%.

“AHV International is tackling some of the biggest bacteria challenges on dairy farms leveraging the cutting-edge science of quorum sensing. Their innovative technology and seamless approach will transform the toolbox of dairy farmers and help secure the long-term future of the industry. It’s something I’m really proud to be a part of,” explains Kokaram.

AHV International has nine products registered in the U.S. developed using the science of quorum sensing. Products support the animal’s full life cycle, from raising healthy calves to producing high-quality milk and successfully transitioning through multiple lactations. The entire product portfolio has the advantage of zero milk or meat withhold times.

The company was founded in 2014 by Gertjan Streefland, a Dutch veterinarian who was inspired to innovate new tools for common herd challenges based on the groundbreaking science of quorum sensing, the biochemical communication system of bacteria.

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About AHV International

AHV International (Animal Health Vision) is the industry leader in quorum sensing powered animal health solutions and value-added advisory services. AHV International focuses on disrupting the communication between selected bacteria to support the immune system in a natural way. AHV International’s innovative solutions are used by more than 6,500 livestock farmers and veterinarians globally.