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Emerald Acres: Don and Joyce, Paul and Debbie, Ted and Lana Ossmann and Dr. Scott Armbrust (not pictured) are the recipients of Holstein Association USA's Elite Breeder Award.
The positive impact the 2021 Elite Breeder Award recipient has had on the Holstein breed reaches across the United States to Japan to Germany and back again. Holstein Association USA is pleased to give the 2021 Elite Breeder Award to Emerald Acres: Paul and Debbie, Ted and Lana, and Don and Joyce Ossmann, and Dr. Scott Armbrust.

Located in DePere, Wisconsin Emerald Acres was established by the Ossmann brothers’ parents, Emerald and Luella, in 1942. Paul and Debbie, Ted and Lana, and Don and Joyce became partners in the farm in 1973. In 2006, they built a free stall barn and parlor for their 400 cows and continue to milk 70 cows in a separate tie-stall barn.

Everyone has their own area of expertise, with Ted and Lana managing the books, Don and Joyce working with the heifers, and Paul and Debbie focusing on the cows. All three brothers work together on land and crop management, concentrating on growing high quality feed. Dr. Armbrust’s international connections, ET work, and friendship has also been an invaluable part of Emerald Acres.

The Ossmanns breed high type cows with strong production and an emphasis on components. More than 300 of their cows have produced over 100,000 pounds of Lifetime Milk. Over the years they have bred 90 Excellent females, 10 Excellent males, 54 Gold Medal Dams, and 49 Dams of Merit. Emerald Acres’ genetics have influenced Holsteins worldwide through superior cows and sires alike.

The lives of the Ossmann family and Dr. Armbrust were forever changed by one cow, purchased at the 1986 National Holstein Convention sale in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The friends walked away from the sale with a partnership on Ripvalley NA Bell Tammy EX-94 2E, GMD, DOM. Tammy would go on to become Bell’s highest scoring daughter, produce 160 embryos, and have over 30 bulls in A.I. nationally and internationally.

They have had several special cows over the years, including Paul’s first Registered Holstein purchase, Milkmaid Clover Monica-TW. Paul continued to use his keen eye to find heifers to add to the herd and develop into exceptional cows. Other farm favorites that have impacted their herd include Fischer-Heights Elton Crown VG-88, GMD, DOM, Mayerlane-SA BWM Misty-ET EX-94 3E, GMD, DOM, and Kuipercrest Valiant Ann-ET EX-91, DOM.

Whether on a local or global scale, the Ossmanns have been known to demonstrate top-notch hospitality while showcasing the best in Holstein genetics. Emerald Acres has been committed to Registered Holsteins for more than 40 years. The Ossmann family and Dr. Armbrust are tremendous stewards and spokespeople of the Holstein breed.

About the Award

The award is bestowed annually upon a living Holstein Association USA, Inc. member, family, partnership, or corporation who has bred outstanding animals and thereby made a notable contribution to the advancement of the Holstein breed in the United States. Emerald Acres will be recognized during the 2021 National Holstein Convention on June 24th in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.