Following the release of August 2011 bull proofs, New Generation Genetics has released three new genomic-tested young sires. 54BS488 NOR-BERT WONDER ASTRA ET *TM. Astra is a Wonderment son out of the popular "A" family from Blessing Farms. His dam is Blessing Dynasty Astra who is scored VG-86 with a VG-86 MS as a two-year-old. Her first lactation record was 365d 2x 34,360m 4.0% 1,358f 3.0% 1,041. Her Dam is Blessing Prelude Aspen scored 2E-90 with an E-91 MS. Astra's sire is the popular Top Acres C Wonderment ET *TM, one of the top milk bulls in the breed with a proof of +1185m +48f +34p +0.9 Type and +100 milking speed. The genomic-tested proof for Astra is +1412m +38f +33p +0.7 Type +160 NM$. Astra is backed by a tremendous cow family loaded with milk production. He would make a great addition to any herd looking to add milk and high type. 54BS492 FJEL-MAR JOEL DOUBLE DARE ET *TM. Double Dare is a Joel son out of a brand new bull mother. His sire is the high production bull Red Brae DAA Ace Joel *TM with a proof of +722m +24f +30p +0.3 Productive Life +0.4 Type +0.52 Udder Composite. Double Dare's Dam is Hilltop Acres Dandelion with a top record of 3-06 365d 3x 38,560m 5.0% 1,919f 3.4% 1,314p. Dandelion is a TD daughter and is scored 2E-91 with an E-91 MS. Dandelion is one the most popular bull mothers in the United States. The genomic tested proof for Double Dare is +914m +49f +34p +1.5 Productive Life +0.7 Type and +330 NM$. Double Dare offers a unique opportunity to add an outcross sire stack while adding production and type to the herd. 54BS493 ONWORD VITALIS *TM. Vitalis is a Driver son out of a very deep pedigreed cow family. His Dam is Onword Td Vitality who is scored E 90. Vitalis' family has produced multiple bulls for the A.I. industry. Vitality's top record is 4-04 365d 2x 33,730m 4.5% 1,521f 3.4% 1,147p. Vitalis' sire is the health trait specialist Hilltop Acres H Driver ET *TM who is +614m +44f +37p +2.8 Productive Life +1.8 DPR +0.46 Udder Composite and +445 NM$. The genomic-tested proof for Vitalis is +524m +53f +32p +3.2 Productive Life +1.1 DPR +0.1 Type and +450 NM$. Vitalis will make a great option to improve fertility and longevity without sacrificing solid production and type. To learn more about these new, exciting offerings from New Generation Genetics, please call (920)568-0554 or visit 08.15.2011