1HO10236 LEWIS and 1HO10070 WILTON are now available in GenChoice™ sexed semen from Genex Cooperative, Inc.

LEWIS is a 99th percentile, +$726 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM) son of the well-known 1HO08784 FREDDIE. He combines ample production with fitness and type drawing dairy producers' interest with his +6.8 Productive Life, 2.71 PTA Type, +2.93 Udder Composite and +2.92 Foot & Leg Composite.

WILTON is a +$657 LNM Active son out of a Wizard daughter. He's the Genex leader for Daughter Pregnancy Rate at +4.2, and adds nearly six extra months of productivity (+5.9 Productive Life). WILTON's conformation numbers are appealing at +1.73 PTAT and +1.53 Udder Composite and include several notable linear traits: +2.6 rear udder height and +2.4 rear udder width.

The addition of LEWIS and WILTON complements the GenChoice lineup which already contained sires such as: FREDDIE, +$755 LNM; 1HO02771 JOCK, +$751 LNM; 1HO10201 GALLOW, +$746 LNM; 1HO10221 EVERGLAD, +$722 LNM; 1HO02716 JETLINER, +$676 LNM; 1HO10079 SIDEBET, +$656; 1HO08658 LOGAN, +$647 LNM; and 1HO09952 KARSTEN B/R, +$615 LNM.

To learn more about the Genex Holstein sires available in GenChoice, contact your Genex representative or call 888-333-1783.

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