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John Deere introduces the new 6155MH Tractor that delivers all the field-proven performance and reliability of other M Series Tractors but in a high-crop configuration.

“The 6155MH is ideal for growers of high-value crops in California and Arizona, and for sugarcane producers in Louisiana and Florida,” said Dennis Ogle, marketing manager for John Deere. “It’s especially effective for field operations such as cultivating, harrowing or spraying, or for pulling harvest trailers.”

The rear drop axle provides additional crop clearance under the axle and greater drawbar clearance when compared to tractors equipped with a standard axle and high-clearance tires. The 6155MH can be equipped with several options, including:

  • PowrQuad™ PLUS 16F/16R, AutoQuad™ PLUS 20F/20R or CommandQuad™ PLUS 20F/20R transmission
  • Factory-installed creeper speed
  • Closed-center hydraulic system with electronic selective control valves (SCVs)
  • Front hitch with hydraulic SCVs
  • Draft link with hooks

“We are constantly improving our tractors by listening to feedback from our customers and then responding to their needs,” Ogle said. “The 6155MH gives high-value crop growers the performance they expect, with more options to choose from, at a competitive price.”

The 6155MH is now available for ordering. For more information visit the John Deere website, or your local John Deere dealer.