Does feeding a dfm to fresh cows affect performance?

Researchers at Ohio State looked into whether feeding a direct-fed microbial, Propionibacterium strain P169, impacted fresh cow performance. They found that cows fed the DFM had similar milk production, component levels, maintenance, and body weight changes. Results were published in the February 2008 Journal of Dairy Science. Starting two weeks before calving, cows were fed the same diet, with half of them also receiving the Propionibacterium strain P169. Treatment continued for 119 days into their next lactation. Researchers found that milk production was similar between both groups and averaged about 98.5 pounds per day. Fat and protein levels as well as body weight gain were also unaffected. Cows fed the DFM did consume about 2 pounds less dry matter, which resulted in a 4.4 percent improvement in energetic efficiency.
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