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The National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) is pleased to announce that applications are now welcome for the 4th Annual NAAB Doak Graduate Fellowship. Named after Dr. Gordon Doak who dedicated 42 years to the bovine genetic improvement industry, this Fellowship is part of the industry’s ongoing commitment to advance the fields of bovine genetics and male reproduction physiology.

Each year, NAAB selects one talented student to receive the NAAB Doak Graduate Fellowship. The Fellowship presents a unique opportunity to any student desiring to pursue a career in the cattle genetic improvement industry. The selected recipient will earn a fully funded Master of Science degree in bovine genetics or male reproduction physiology at a major US university of choice. The Fellowship is open to both US and international students.

‘NAAB is proud to support talented students who represent the future of our industry,’ says Jay Weiker, President of NAAB. ‘We are continuously impressed with the quality of applicants. Often from agricultural backgrounds, these students embody the passion and drive of the next generation to advance this industry and improve the quality of the global dairy and beef populations for a changing world.’ Previous winners of the NAAB Doak Fellowship are Laura Jensen, Elizabeth Donaldson and Caleb Rykaczewski. Laura, a Wisconsin native, is completing her Masters’ study at the University of Florida where she researched the genetics of thermotolerance in dairy cattle. Laura will pursue her PhD in Australia. Elizabeth, born and raised in Kansas, pursues a career in beef cattle genetics and has completed one year of her program at Kansas State where she is researching the genetics of methane emission in grazing Angus cattle. Caleb has commenced his program at the Ohio State University analyzing on-animal sensors to monitor bull health and performance. All three recipients are outstanding ambassadors for the NAAB Doak Graduate Fellowship and are supported with a network of world leading scientists as well as AI industry experts.

For more information on the NAAB Doak Graduate Fellowship and the details to apply, please visit Applications are accepted until December 1st, 2021.

NAAB is the national trade association for artificial insemination businesses. NAAB members account for about 95% of bovine semen sold in the USA and market semen to more than 100 countries around the world.

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