Nov. 12 2021 09:58 AM

Milk + Cookies = one™feed + SCiO CUP

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one™feed and SCiO cup are now fully integrated to streamline dry matters in your rations. Measure dry matter more frequently, faster, cheaper, and avoid data entry mistakes!

milc group is proud to announce a new partnership with Consumer Physics and their SCiO Cup feed analyzer. One™feed is

cloud-based feed management software that is taking the dairy industry by storm. The SCiO Cup is cutting edge infrared technology that gives accurate dry matter results on farm in less than a minute. Seamless integration of one™feed and SCiO Cup allows you to scan samples and update dry matters through the one™feed app and give real-time data entry without errors. This integration will further close the gap between ration formulated and accurate ration delivered. Your employees, cows, and bottom line will thank you by becoming more efficient.

Milc group is a distributor of the SCiO Cup and is excited to be your one stop shop when it comes to feed management software and on-farm dry matter analysis.

“The integration with the SCiO Cup was a no-brainer for us. Not only is it cloud-based technology that fits seamlessly into our platform, it gives dairies and nutritionists the tools to get instant dry matters. This leads to increased consistency and accuracy of mixed and delivered diets, no matter whether it rains or shines.” says Michel Baldin, PhD dairy nutrition and animal scientist at milc group.

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