Detecting accurate heats before breeding is critical for sustaining a successful reproductive program, according to Dr. Armon Hetzel, veterinarian with ANIMART's ProHealth Team. To help identify the optimum time when a cow comes into heat, ANIMART has introduced the Legend Heat Detection System.

This new radio-automated heat detection system uses the Track a Cow pedometer to monitor cow activity in real time and transmit data to receivers positioned in the pens. Data from the pen transmitter is also continuously updated to an on-farm computer. Legend Heat Detection System improves the ability to identify the cows that are in heat by establishing a baseline of activity and alerting producers to abnormal spikes.

"The Legend System is a tool to aid dairy producers in being better managers," Hetzel said. "The main goal is to be able to better identify cows in heat and time the insemination more precisely by monitoring their activity. The producer still needs to follow up and look at the cow, but the Legend System identifies activity we might not otherwise see."

Legend Heat Detection System's Track a Cow pedometer is not only the smallest tag in electronic heat detection systems, but it is also the only long-range leg tag. Through the system's software, data is gathered in real time - every 6-7 minutes - and then sent to an on-farm computer from which reports and graphs can be created. As a result, heat dection happens quickly and accurately.

"An additional benefit of using the Legend System is the program's ability to establish a standing/lying ratio. This information can alert producers to cows showing decreased activity, and can help identify illness or lameness," Hetzel said. "It is a huge advantage to be able to identify these issues before they develop into something more severe."

More information about Legend Heat Detection System can be obtained via a trusted ANIMART representative at 800.255.1181 or

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