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The annual Pedigree Analysis of National Holstein Show winners has been released by Holstein Association USA for the 2021 show season. These lists provide insight into the genetics of Holsteins who have seen show ring success at the highest levels of competition.

The Pedigree Analysis is updated each fall, following the last National Holstein Show of the year. Included are lists of Leading Sires, Leading Maternal Grandsires, and Leading Sire Stacks of National Show Winners. Each category features separate lists for heifers and cows, along with an overall list. In addition, viewers will find other interesting information, such as the average classification score for each class and historical data from previous years.

Holstein females who placed in the top three of their respective age class at a National Holstein Show in 2021 were included in the analysis. This year’s group of animals included 190 different Holstein heifers and 275 different Holstein cows.

For the fourth consecutive year, Val-Bisson Doorman-ET claimed the title of Overall Leading Sire for National Holstein Show winners. He sired 41 daughters who placed in the top three of their classes and was also number one on the cow list with a total of 24 cows and third on the heifer list.

Brenland Denver was second on the Overall Leading Sire list with 32 daughters and first on the Leading Sires of Heifers list with 31 daughters. The third ranking slot on the Overall Leading Sire list went to Mr D Apple Diamondback with 25 daughters sired.

Val-Bisson Doorman-ET also took the first-place position on the Overall Leading Maternal Grandsires list with 52 daughters and was first on both the heifers and cows lists. Braedale Goldwyn and Maple-Downs-I-G Atwood-ET were second and third on all three maternal grandsire lists, respectively.

Topping the Overall Leading Sire Stack in 2021 was the combination of Unix x Doorman with seven daughters placing in the top three of their classes at 2021 National Holstein Shows.

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