April 19 2010 08:00 AM

Handy Hints March 25, 2010 Top Hint:

Durable, rust-free stall scraper

After having yet another "quality" free stall sand scraper rust, fatigue, and come apart, I built this lightweight, yet extremely strong, one. The blade and brackets were cut from an old piece of 2 x 3-inch aluminum angle and bolted to a hand-shaped 1-1/2 x 2-inch hardwood handle with 5/16-inch hardware.

An old hand plane was used to taper the handle to a nice comfortable oval shape (not shown), and it is longer than those on commercially available units in order to reach the front of the stall without stepping into it with dirty boots.

This is a great tool, in use for over a year, and works perfectly. It also gets used as an impromptu pry bar for breaking free frozen gates and as a hammer for pounding in raised nails.
Caleb Boge