Dr. Ben Shelton, DVM, Brings Veterinary and Dairy Production Expertise to Board

Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD), a developer of technologies for the rapid diagnosis of farm animal diseases, has added Dr. Ben Shelton, DVM, to its board of directors. The addition of Dr. Shelton completes the restructuring of the board of directors following AAD's Series B round of equity financing announced in March. AAD is an innovative R&D company dedicated to bringing highly accurate, rapid animal diagnostic tests to the farm. The company's first on-farm product will focus on improving milk production and quality by earlier, more accurate detection of mastitis, an infection of the milk-producing gland. "Dr. Shelton brings a valuable combination of real-world veterinary and dairy production experiences to the AAD board of directors," said Joy Parr Drach, president and CEO of AAD. "We look forward to his contributions as we conduct on-farm economic trials and move toward commercialization of AAD technologies to improve the profitability of producing animal protein." Dr. Shelton and his wife, Mimi, own and operate Rocky Creek Dairy & Veterinary Services near Olin, North Carolina, which combines both an operating dairy farm and a veterinary practice. Rocky Creek Dairy milks an average of 1,250 cows and raises an additional 1,600 heifers with the focus on developing cows with longevity and producing high quality milk. Rocky Creek Veterinary Service is a large animal, predominantly dairy, practice providing service primarily in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. Three veterinarians, including Dr. Shelton, provide a full range of veterinary and lab services. In addition to his dairy farm and bovine veterinary practice, Dr. Shelton is active in dairy industry and promotion organizations. He serves as president of Upper South Milk Producers and vice president of Cobblestone Cooperative based in Chatham, Virginia. He is a new director on the 2011 Dairy Policy Action Coalition (DPAC) Board and serves as chair of the affiliated Southeast Dairy Coalition. About Advanced Animal Diagnostics Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) is an innovative company designed to enhance the profitability of livestock production and ensure a safe, abundant supply of animal protein by developing highly accurate, rapid diagnostics to detect and manage disease states, reproductive, nutritional and overall health status of production animals. The firm's first product is a rapid, on-farm diagnostic test for earlier, more accurate detection of mastitis in dairy cows. For more information about Advanced Animal Diagnostics, please visit www.aadiagnostics.com. 08.30.2011