Feb. 25 2022 09:34 AM

Apply for up to $3,000 in One Calendar Year

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Applications will be evaluated and approved in the three funding cycles. These are competitive grants and funding is subject to availability. Applications will be evaluated based on information provided in the application and alignment with identified eligibility requirements. There is no guarantee that full funding will be received with your application.


  • Dairy farmers contributing to Midwest Dairy checkoff
  • Organized dairy groups that have an active dairy farmer contributing to Midwest Dairy checkoff serving on the board.
  • Agriculture organizations (FFA, Farm Bureau, 4-H, etc.)


  • Bring dairy to unexpected places
    Look for opportunities to bring dairy to new places. You could partner with a local brewery on a brew and moo event, host an interactive exhibit at an urban health fair or food festival, or work with community education organizations or a local retailer on a wine and cheese experience.
  • Host on-farm events
    Open your dairy and connect with your community. You could host a farm-to-table event inviting local influencers, an ice cream social for school educators, or a breakfast on the farm for your surrounding community.
  • Engage with K-12 youth
    Bring dairy into schools, bookstores, libraries, YMCA or other community education/youth focused program. You could provide dairy-themed ag literacy kits or books (see Discover Dairy for ideas), partner with schools to provide food service equipment, or sponsor programs connecting youth with local dairy ambassadors or princesses.

If none of those above interest you, you have other ideas or you just don’t know where to begin, contact me (tbehnken@midwestdairy.com / 531-207-4291). I can help you dream of an opportunity for you in your community. In addition, more creative ideas can be found at: https://www.midwestdairy.com/resource/community-engagement-guide/

Food Pantry Grant (Available Spring 2022 – coming soon)

This grant is for a food pantry in need of refrigeration to help serve dairy foods to people in your community.

School Equipment Grant (Available Spring 2022 – coming soon)

This grant is for a school district to support their school meal service to help grow dairy sales.