Strong Results. Powerful New Graphics.

New high impact packaging initiative launched

Virtus Nutrition today unveiled new brand identities and graphic standards for its EnerGII bypass fat product and Omega Nutrition Solution program, according to Jim Hyer, General Manager of Virtus Nutrition. "We provide smart solutions for innovative dairies at Virtus," says Hyer, "and the clean new graphics and colorful new bags reflect our Virtus commitment to precision at the plant, and the high impact of our products and consistent results they deliver on the dairy." While the new packaging graphics communicate the performance value that Virtus products create, the new bag materials and construction also help maintain product quality and enable customer savings by shipping more efficiently. According to Hyer, the packaging changes are just another one of many quality assurance initiatives in Virtus Nutrition's rigorous manufacturing and handling process. "We are an American company and we believe ‘American Made' is a quality promise that must be kept all the way to the dairy. Our new EnerGII, Prequel, and Strata bags better manage moisture and other conditions in the distribution chain after our product leaves the plant. That extra control helps assure that every dairy receives the full, optimized benefit that's been designed into their Virtus product," Hyer says. After more than a decade of research at universities and on dairies, it is clear that the best way to improve performance with specific fatty acids is to increase omega-6s during the transition period and supplement the diet with EPA/DHA omega-3s in the fresh and breeding time period. Omega Nutrition Solution by Virtus delivers the right omega fatty acids in the right amounts at the right time to predictably improve both early milk production and embryo retention. Hyer notes that the rapid adoption of the Omega Nutrition Solution feeding regimen is demonstrating consistent results on dairies in all geographic regions, seasons of the year and weather conditions. The comprehensive Omega Nutrition Solution includes implementing Prequel and Strata to optimize omega-6 and omega-3 levels in the cow's diet, along with tracking of performance trends. Prequel with omega-6s is fed for 21 days prior to calving and STRATA with EPA/DHA omega-3s is used in the fresh and breeding pens while the Omega Monitor system uses existing dairy data to track the key milk and reproduction performance indicators. This more targeted and accountable approach to fatty acid nutrition is easy to implement on the dairy and creates a whole new "strata" of dairy performance by dependably delivering more milk, more calves, and more profit, says Hyer. EnerGII with its proven formulation and new packaging delivers reliable active ingredient density, moisture consistency, and manufacturing quality that result in improved body condition and milk production at the dairy. This dependable impact competes powerfully against inconsistent and less proven bypass fat products entering the U.S. market. "The new EnerGII bag helps keep energy costs where they count: in the product," says Hyer. Virtus Nutrition®, based in Corcoran, California and the heart of California's dairy industry, is an industry-leading developer of nutrition solutions and the preferred provider of both fatty acid nutrition and omega impact tracking technology for dairy producers throughout North America. 08.30.2011