Monty's Introduces Sludge ReliefTM for Lagoon Management

Monty's Plant Food Company, manufacturer of plant and soil enhancement and specialty products for the agriculture industry, has added Sludge Relief to its growing line of specialty products.

The product is capable of performing in a variety of conditions, including aerobic and anaerobic conditions, while maintaining a broad range of degradation capabilities.

The product was developed to offer a solution for dairymen and hog farmers looking for options to help break down solids and control odors in waste lagoons, many of which are regulated by state laws. Sludge Relief contains beneficial, natural bacterial strains which produce key enzymes to target and consume organic waste.

Sludge relief is available in 5, 30 and 275 gallon containers. The product consumes sludge and breaks down solids, controls odors, helps reduce biological oxygen demand levels and reduces the need for pumping.

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