April 25 2022 08:00 AM


B is a handy winner as she excels in the class with the best mammary system and the most correct feet and legs. B places over A with her more youthful udder, holding her udder higher above the hock; in addition, I prefer the shape to the fore udder attachment. Furthermore, she stands more squarely on her hind legs when viewed from the rear, has a more correct set to her hock, and has stronger pasterns. I grant A shows more depth and length to the rear rib.

In my middle pair, A places over D with advantages to her mammary system. She has a tremendous advantage in bloom to her udder, showing a higher and wider rear udder. She also has a stronger fore udder attachment and more desirable teat size and placement. I admit D is a more stylish-framed cow with a longer, cleaner head and neck.

Finally, D places over C in a closer placing. D has a stronger cleft and shows more well-defined halving of the rear udder. D has a more snugly attached fore udder and a more desirable shape to the udder floor. I realize C is a beautifully framed cow; however, due to faults in her mammary system, I placed her last in this class.

About the Judge . . . BRADY CORE

Salvisa, Ky.
Core placed the JERSEYS. A third-generation dairyman, Core and his family own and operate Keightley and Core Jerseys. The family and their KJF prefix have bred a national grand champion, a reserve grand champion, a national junior grand champion, and two Jersey Jug winners. As a youth exhibitor, Core showed KJF Renaissance Lacy, a cow that became a four-time Grand Champion at the All American Junior Jersey show, and a heifer named Lorens Barrie that was junior champion at the same show. Core has judged numerous shows including the All American Junior Jersey Show.